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Xiamen swimsuit factory swimsuit knowledge lecture hall: swimsuit and the kinds of fabric lady swimsuit bikini photos

by:Highgrade Sportswear     2020-09-20
Yodea a classification, the classification of fabrics fabrics: dupont lycra. Polyamide, polyester material is now the most commonly used class swimsuit. Any LvKong, seti flower and other special materials from the above three kinds of elastic characteristics. New swimsuit a lot will be combined with uv resistance, resistance to chlorine or water treatment and other special processing. The swimsuit wholesale - Swimsuit show two, the characteristics of the fabric elastic best, dupont lycra fabric 1: an artificial elastic fibers. Can be extended to the original length of 4 ~ 6 times, good stretch, fit with all kinds of fibre blended, strengthens the quality of a material hang down, anti-wrinkle, etc. Dupont lycra containing chlorine resistant components, will make the swimsuit with swimsuit longer service life than ordinary materials. 2, nylon fabric, quality of a material is solid lycra fabric. Apply to mid-priced products. But the elastic flexibility has almost the same lycra. Now the most commonly used fabric for a suit. Xiamen - swimsuit factory Swimsuit show: 3, polyester fabrics for one-way, two side stretch elastic fabrics. Due to the limited stretch. Does not apply to the models. Used mostly in swimming trunks or female swimming fission two sectional type, can be part of the splicing or low price strategy application of fabrics. The design of the three, and accessories in a swimsuit to one of 'comfort' close 'for the principle. Inside is mostly use nylon. The force that press a gram, the inelastic accessories such as shell, and the fabric elastic degree should be consistent, not affect consumer wearing comfort. So choose to use materials, elastic 'absolutely necessary requirements. According to trend, if need to use a metal, designed to be chose not to affect the location of the garment body elastic. Application of appropriate, auxiliary materials have an excellent effect make the finishing point. Four, the classification of the swimsuit 1, female swimsuit: two-piece: xiamen swimsuit processing - Two-piece swimwear show refers to the separate suit jacket and trousers, a bikini and generally two head type, bikini is also called the three point, its characteristic is very little material. There is no denying the fact that three point for the swimsuit is the most attractive eyes, if you have a good figure and absolute confidence, this style of swimsuit can be the first choice. A type: one-piece swimsuit in the shoulder belt type and tube type, and Chinese companies get design. Upper body such as vest shoulder belt type swimsuit very traditional, is the most people choose the style. Shoulder belt type swimsuit though ordinary actually, but through the change of the shoulder straps, still can find a bit more special, such as in previous years is popular abroad over the shoulder of a head. Another deep open chest and winding style swimsuit, to narrow the wide shape is the best. And, on the chest line to add a unique decoration, can make body more hasten is perfect. - the woman bathing suits made to order Swimsuit show drum, drum chic bikini and its garment body is tubular, plus condole belt, condole belt can be removed. The swimsuit can lower the opacity of the chest and the hip, the lower side of the high cutting can make the legs look longer. 2, male swimming trunks: generally can be divided into 'briefs the flat pants boxers' five minutes of pants 'cycling pants' beach pants 'and so on six big models. Jumpsuit 'and' suit 'occasionally used in the design. Children swimwear order 3, children's swimwear: with female swimsuit roughly the same. Can be divided into 'the body' jumpsuit fission two sectional type 'fission' the three type 'dress' and other five categories. 4, TongYong trousers: with a man swimming trunks classified roughly the same. Type can be divided into 'briefs the flat pants' boxers 'five minutes of pants' cycling pants 'jumpsuit' and so on six big class. Five, a suit of dark colour is given priority to with black, zhangs cyanine, using part in men's trousers are in the majority. Tie-in bright color can still be highlighted the characteristics of goods and brightness. Female swimsuit use of colour is combined with trend. According to suit younger trend, currently used color is given priority to with 'the lottery' tall lightness. Tall lightness of pink color, such as 'the gentle powder' blue 'even without the chroma of white' has been a large number of applications. In addition, the lottery in the 'sports colour lightness, such as: bright orange' and 'blue' rainbow color jersey in a suit on the application of still indispensable. Wholesale men's swimming trunks - Six, swimwear swimsuit show 1, swimsuit washing washing and maintenance knowledge: most of the swimsuit cleaning: in cold water ( No more than 30 degrees warm water) Wash the dry can. Never use soap, laundry detergent cleaner. Because of the vast majority of detergents contain bleaching, fluorescent agent composition. Will destroy the swimsuit if use color, also can damage and elastic characteristics. 2, swimsuit remaining: swimsuit, like fashion, need careful care to extend the service life of wearing. First indispensable right care knowledge: A, the salinity of the water. Chemical and oil swimsuit elastic would be destroyed. Using a sunscreen, should wear swimsuit to apply sunscreen. Should be taken before the water wet swimsuit with water, to reduce damage, swim finish also should rinse the body and then took off his bathing suit. In order to avoid thermalization fade or bad smell. B, wet swimsuit remember long frowsty bag. Should be quick to water washed by hand rub, and then with towel blot moisture after drying in the light does not direct the shade dry. C, stir not washing machine washing, dehydration, or sun exposure, more do not use the dryer. So as not to damage the material result in variant. D, washing powder, bleach swimsuit elastic would be destroyed. Should be absolutely avoided. E, prevent the swimsuit on rough rock friction, the life of this wreck a bathing suit. F, note: dress suit to bubble hot spring or three warm, the sulfur ingredient in hot springs and high temperature easy to destroy a swimsuit elastic tissue, make the swimsuit shorten service life.
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